“Every art director, copywriter, planner, account person and client should read it. It will make you better at your job.” Paul Belford, Creative Review

“The Krone book, like Krone, is on another level. It is about what advertising could be if we were all geniuses. ”AdWeek.

“If you really want to be a great art director then this is the one art director you have to study.” Sir John Hegarty

“Helmut was a watershed moment for advertising. Before him, there was design and there was meaning but never the twain did meet... You cannot understand how advertising works without understanding him.” Ernie Schenk

“This is a book about typography and photography. About the hijacking of European design theory... But mainly this is a book about The Idea. Challis's book is a parade of huge, timeless ideas, how they came to be and what they meant.”Marty Cooke, The One Club.

“Amongst art directors there's Helmut Krone, and then there's everyone else.” Bob Gage, DDB's first art director.

                 Advertising has evolved; digital is the future.
                 Why should anyone study the work of an old print dinosaur? Isn’t graphic design the same as art direction? Who cares about the philosophy of art direction?
                 Especially when there’s a million-and-one inspiring images being shared on Instagram and Pinterest every minute?
                 If you have to ask, you need this book more than you think.
                 This isnít an art direction rule book. Itís more like a portal: a way-in to the differences between art direction and graphic design. Insights into how to convey ideas and produce brilliant branding, without logos– through Art Direction.
                 Ultimately, this is a guide to creating legendary work - in any visual media.