Paul Rand. Steven Heller.
Rand was the great home-grown (Brooklyn) crossover designer who synthesised the work coming from pre-war Europe and produced fresh, stylish and witty designs for a US audience. The book details his life and shows his work subdivided into categories. Krone acknowledged Rand as his greatest influence, but the book shows Rand, in his advertising work, to be a stylist. His early editorial work was where he excelled - producing witty and insightful work from 'found' marks.
.Phaidon, London, 1999
Helmut Krone. The book.

Changes in 20th century print: typo-photo; the Creative Revolution.
Influence on US ads of Euro-modernist, socialist designers.
Growth of New York as advertising centre.
Influence of rag-trade and formation of DDB.

Major 20th century ad theorists.
Paul Rand's contribution and influence.
Influence of Alexey Brodovich on Creative Revolution art directors.

Bernbach's theories; how Krone fulfilled and influenced them.
The Creative Revolution and its consequence.
Ad art direction vs. graphic design; Form vs. Concept.

Krone's life and work - how it changed advertising.
The first 100 Volkswagen ads.
The entire Avis campaign - its origins and importance.
Krone's reactions to work of George Lois and Howard Gossage.
Wit and involvement. On planning as a creative function.
On creativity as practised in ad agencies.
The process of advertising from a creative perspective.