Helmut Krone. The book.

Changes in 20th century print: typo-photo; the Creative Revolution.
Influence on US ads of Euro-modernist, socialist designers.
Growth of New York as advertising centre.
Influence of rag-trade and formation of DDB.

Major 20th century ad theorists.
Paul Rand's contribution and influence.
Influence of Alexey Brodovich on Creative Revolution art directors.

Bernbach's theories; how Krone fulfilled and influenced them.
The Creative Revolution and its consequence.
Ad art direction vs. graphic design; Form vs. Concept.

Krone's life and work - how it changed advertising.
The first 100 Volkswagen ads.
The entire Avis campaign - its origins and importance.
Krone's reactions to work of George Lois and Howard Gossage.
Wit and involvement. On planning as a creative function.
On creativity as practised in ad agencies.
The process of advertising from a creative perspective.

Truth, lies and advertising. Jon Steel
Officially an invention of London's Boase Massimi Pollitt (BMP). Unoffically it began with the Creative Revolution and Krone was an exponent. 'Planners' re-present the consumer's interests. It's their job to get the client and account team to understand that not everything can be for the whole family everyday and to give the creatives the big thought they'll have to get others to realise. Steel trained at BMP and was one of the first to take the discipline back to the US.

John Wiley, NY. 1998.