Helmut Krone. The book.
  Graphic Design and Art
  Direction (concept, form
  and meaning) after
  advertising's Creative
  Revolution. Clive Challis
  The Cambridge Enchorial
  Press Ltd.
  ISBN 0954893107

ISBN 0-9548931-0-7 The greatest art director ever? For Bill Bernbach at Doyle Dane Bernbach his Volkswagen campaign and Avis campaign changed the way advertising art direction and advertising art directors worked. Later, back at DDB, he'd reconcile the aims of graphic design and art direction with his Polaroid campaign and Porsche campaign.


    "Krone understood that a message targeted purely at the eye lacks recall - aimed a couple of inches higher, at the brain, it sticks.
      Anyone involved in design or advertising should read this."
      David Stuart, co author of ‘A smile in the mind.’ and co-founder of the design group, The Partners.

" ...one of the greatest designers that ever lived was an advertising art director: Doyle Dane Bernbach's Helmut Krone.
    ...the man has received the treatment he deserves: a beautifully designed, relentlessly researched, and gracefully written volume,"
Michael Beirut, Design Observer.

    "Amongst art directors there's Helmut Krone, and then there's everyone else."
Bob Gage, DDB's first art director.

    "The Krone book, like Krone, is on another level. It is about what advertising could be if we were all geniuses. It completely destroys the theory that age cripples a creative force...
      Challis, writes up to his subject. He's explored every angle, but all the detail goes breezily by, and at the end of the book you find yourself immediately going back to the first page and reading it again."
Tom Messner, Adweek.

   "When Advertising Age named the 100 most influential people in advertising... it ranked Bernbach as number one and Krone No 12, placing him just behind titans Leo Burnett, David Ogilvy and Jay Chiat but in front of Lee Clow, Dan Wieden and even fellow DDB art director Bob Gage."
Anthony Vagnoni, Print.


    "I really enjoyed it. It's educational, instructive and most importantly, entertaining. A real tour-de-force.
      Helmut Krone was the Godfather of modern art direction. He gave it the look, the attitude and the style that turned advertising into a smart industry.
      If you really want to be a great art director then this is the one art director you have to study."
    John Hegarty, founder partner
Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

   "There are not a lot of true movers and shakers in the history of this business. Helmut Krone was one of them. You cannot understand how advertising works without understanding him.
      Helmut was a watershed moment for advertising. Before him, there was design and there was meaning but never the twain did meet...
 This is a great book. I strongly urge anyone who cares about advertising to read it. Consume it. Revel in it.
      Ernie Schenck